We thought a lot about getting a vanlife-related blog here on Wildful journeys, and on this late wednesday night I (Josefine) decided to take the step and finally create it. I've always been a writer by heart, and even though we will be documenting our vanlife journey trought Youtube I felt the need of a place to collect my thoughts only trought words aswell. So, here we go.

On the last day of May, when the spring finally arrives to Västernorrland and the warmth of the pre-summer sun will be spreading over us, we will say goodbye to the comfort of an apartment and two steady incomes for a new adventure: the vanlife journey. When Dennis and I first met, he was the one living in Baltazar (the van) and I LOVED the freedom that I felt everytime we went out on a date by the lake or in some mystical forest. It was magical, to say the least. In August (two months after our first date) we decided to turn his adventure to our mutual lifestyle - and so the planning begun. Since we suddenly where two people and two dogs (his adorable dog Diego and my crazy little dachshund Astrid) that where to fit in this van, we needed to do some changes, and that's pretty much where we are today. There is still much to do, shelves to build and walls to paint, but it's going to be the most wonderful little home in the world - because it's going to be ours.

I'm really looking forward to update here more regulary in the future, and hopefully you will enjoy it aswell. See you around! x Josefine ♡