Mammaledig 2023

I april föddes vår lilla dotter Sonia, vilket innebär att jag pausar mina tjänster resten av året. Tack till alla er som skickat förfrågningar för fotograferingar - vi ses 2024 med nya idéer och planer!

Welcome to my Wildful Journey.

Josefine Eklid, content creator & photographer

Always close to nature.

Time to create memories

Let’s set out on a photographic adventure together.

... And your Wildful Journey starts right here.

Hello friend! Here you have a creative soul from the northern parts of Sweden with over sixteen years of experience behind the camera.

No matter what I'm capturing; if it's product pictures for your brand, a lifestyle shoot or family portraits - nature will always be a big part of my work, and every business, brand and people I work with will get that comfortable and down to earth feeling that I really think the world needs right now.

What does Wildful stand for?

For me, it's a combination between mindfulness and wilderness. The sweet mixture of raw and calm, soft and sharp. That combination of wildfulness will always be a part of my work, no matter the project.